$50,000 in Scholarships Awarded for 2022 College Students

A total of 10 students received scholarships for $5,000 each from the Akron Press Club and the John S. Knight Journalism Fund in 2022.

Five area college students were selected for scholarships in memory of longtime Akron Beacon Journal editor John S. Knight. The John S. Knight Foundation scholarships of $5,000 each went to: Emma Andrus, Kent State University, Journalism; Daniel Groen, University of Akron, Media Studies; Austin Monigold, Kent State University, Journalism; Catie Pusateri, Kent State University, Journalism; and Shane Troyano, Kent State University, Journalism.

A sixth student received an Akron Press Club scholarship in honor of longtime Akron public relations professional and professor Dr. Ludel Sauvageot. The Akron Press Club-Ludel Sauvageot scholarship of $5,000 went to Abigail Stopka, University of Akron, Communications/Public Relations.

A seventh student received the Russ Pry scholarship from the Akron Press Club, named in honor of the Summit County executive who died in 2016. He supported the Press Club through his annual State of the County speech. The Akron Press Club-Russ Pry scholarship of $5,000 to Maxwell Erisey, University of Akron, Media Studies.

Through the generosity of Dr. Aileen Thong, a retired U.S. Army physician, in tribute to her father, the late Louis Gitsin Thong, the Akron Press Club awarded two more scholarships. Two Akron Press Club-Dr. Eileen Thong scholarships of $5,000 each went to Madison Goel, Kent State University, Public Relations, and Mario Anderson, Kent State University, Journalism.

Through the generosity of Elizabeth Bartz, the Akron Press Club awarded one more scholarship. The Akron Press Club-Elizabeth Baertz scholarship of $5,000 went to Madeleine Majikas, Kent State University, Public Relations.

The scholars were recognized at a luncheon at Greystone Hall in downtown Akron.

Preference is given to undergraduate students from or attending school in Summit, Portage, Medina, Stark and Wayne counties.

The Akron Press Club sincerely thanks Summit County for its generous donation to our scholarship fund. One of our scholarships is named in honor of the late County

Executive Russ Pry. Russ was a supporter of the Press Club through his annual State of the County speech. Current Executive Ilene Shapiro continues that tradition.

We also thank Dr. Aileen Thong and Elizabeth Bartz for their generous donations to support scholarships.