The Akron Press Club was founded in 1971 to promote a free press and serve local journalists and public relations professionals. The group has a rich heritage of offering newsmakers a forum to discuss issues of the day at Press Club luncheons and speaking events that are open to the public.

The Press Club is an open forum that respects the rights of free speech and press. Speakers are expected to take questions from the audience after their formal remarks. Recording of Akron Press Club events by the media or public is permitted; recording rights may be restricted only at the discretion of the Akron Press Club Board.

The Press Club sponsors and co-sponsors events that are open to any member of the general public. Attendance at, and issues raised, at our events will not be screened or controlled by our guest speakers or their representatives.

The Akron Press Club in conjunction with the John S. Knight Memorial Scholarship Fund annually awards scholarships of $5,000 each to journalism and public relations college students. These scholarships are made possible through donations and revenue from Press Club luncheons.

Akron Press Club Officers

  • Bruce Winges, President
  • Carla Davis, Immediate past president
  • Nick Antonio, Treasurer
  • Scott Piepho, Vice President, Programming
  • Lisa Craig, Vice President, Marketing & Membership
  • M.L. Schultze, Secretary

Board of Trustees

  • David B. Cohen
  • Julia Gammon
  • Michelle Henry
  • Anna Huntsman
  • Andrew Meyer
  • Ron Ponder
  • Cheryl Powell
  • J. Cherie Strachan
  • Ron Syroid